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If you’re looking for a quality service for computer repairs in York and the surrounding areas, then you’ve undoubtedly found yourself in the right place. We’re proud to be a professional service that provides a full range of proven solutions for your home computer, your laptop or even your games console, so never discount us just because your problem isn’t located in a standard desktop machine.

What makes use special is the comprehensive scope of our repair service. For example, we’ve had people coming to us for computer repairs in York because of physical damages to their computers or consoles, internal problems with software and even requests for entirely new system builds, and we’ve been able to satisfy them all. However, one of the most damaging problems for a computer to experience is the acquisition of a virus, and so you’ll be pleased to hear that we can help in this respect as well.

We are real experts when it comes to virus removal, and our experience means that you needn’t fear that your machine is automatically damaged beyond all repair. Although we can’t promise that we’ll be able to restore your machine to a perfectly intact state, we’ve carried out many instances of computer repairs in York where we have been able to do just that, so we feel very confident that if anyone can help, we certainly can. 

Whether you’re looking for laptop repairs in York or PC repairs in York, be sure to make Lantech Computer Repairs your first port of call. No matter if you require repairs for your desktop PC, a laptop screen replacement, or your machine is just running a little slow, we've always got the answer. As mentioned we even provide repairs for all major consoles, including the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, so you can come to us with almost anything. Feel free to  call our knowledgeable engineers to find out more information.


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